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UI/UX designer with 6+ years of industry experience in retail/e-commerce, kiosk and IoT

Based in Hong Kong (+852)

I’m also a 14+ years gamer dedicated in FPS, MMORPG and RTS @jimmyctk


Pricerite Space - 實惠室內設計與虛擬家居 App icon

Pricerite Space – 實惠室內設計與虛擬家居

Pricerite Space is a home planning tools with Pricerite’s furniture, also available via AR and MR.

Pricerite實惠 eShop App icon


Pricerite實惠 is the online store of Hong Kong leading furniture retailer, with FMCG and quick commerce.

CoachBase Basketball Practice Planner app icon

CoachBase Basketball Practice Planner

CoachBase Basketball Practice Planner is an out-of-the-box basketball playbook that works like a playlist.

CoachBase Digital Clipboard app Icon

CoachBase Digital Clipboard

CoachBase Digital Clipboard is the digital animated way for coaches to diagram and share plays and drills.

My Skills

CX/UX/UI Design

App, Web, Kiosk, Watch, Tablet, Journey

Research & Testing

User / Product / Market Reseach, Usability / UAT

Data & Analytics

Tagging / Data Visualization / ETL

Software & Hardware Prototyping

Framer.js / Arduino / Pi / Sensor / IoT

Highlighted Portfolio

Explore my design thinking in two of the highlighted stories.

App on iPhone and Apple Watch

Ui / ux

Plan Basketball Practice like your playlist

CoachBase Basketball Practice Planner is a digital playbook with animated drills, videos and tutorials, for basketball ball coach to plan their course on-the-go.

PopSquare Kiosk in Olympian City II, Hong Kong

UI / UX / data

An offline Google Analytics in a kiosk form

PopSquare is a computer vision powered data collection solution for omni-channel retail scenario, targeted for space owner and retailers who want to study their user.


PP (小P)

PP (aka Little P-Coin) is a commercial character made for Pricerite latest reward program.

Things that I have experienced…

AI app AR basketball big data character coachbase computer vision ecommerce event fmcg furniture gamify hkland image processing iot kiosk magicmirror MMM MR o2o openwrt popsquare practice practice planner pricerite retail rust smart mirror VR webp

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